Dragons of the Moon
Dragons of the Moon

Blind Eyes
Prologue 1
by Katsuko and Apollymi

Disclaimers: Yuugiou is the property of Takahashi Kazuki.  And since Yuugi did not attempt to jump Jounouchi and fuck him blind in the back of Mai’s car, we're not Takahashi-san.  Disclaimers will only be posted on this chapter; do not expect to see them elsewhere.

Warnings: Angst, angst, and in case you missed it, angst.  This is not a happy little Darkshipping fic, people.  If that’s what you were looking for, forget it.  NCS abounds.  Also, very much on the AU side of things.  And just in case we forgot to mention it, angst.  Flashbacks included.

Summary: As a thief, Bakura deserves whatever he gets.  Right?
Tagline: There are none so blind as those who will not see.


Hatred was easy when you had a reason.

Sure, there would be those in the Pharaoh’s court who believed that all of the thief’s hatred resulted from the death of his family, the destruction of Kura Eruna.  Yes, he did resent the royal family for that, but now that he knew his beloved younger sister was alive and safe he could rest easy in some aspects.

No, his hatred was more personal. His hatred was focused solely on that damned Atem.  For every pain that he put him through, Bakura would pay him back tenfold.

The thief turned his horse and eyes towards the remains of Kuru Eruna.  There he would find the means for his vengeance, in the souls and rage of those who lingered in the place of their murder.  There he would make a pact with the darkness his village had kept locked away for centuries.  There he would invite Zork into himself for the sole purpose of revenge.

Atem would pay with his life.

23 March 2005

Short and sweet for my Kura-baby.  *pets him*  I'm sure Atem will get his comeuppance.  Just wait and see.