Dragons of the Moon
Dragons of the Moon

Shadows of the Night
by Katsuko and Apollymi

Disclaimers: Yuugiou is the property of Takahashi Kazuki.  The storyline goes solely to Dragons of the Moon, though, as does the form of vampirism displayed in this little bit of fun.  Disclaimers will only be posted on this chapter; do not expect to see them elsewhere.

Warnings: Some angst, vampirism, various kinks, and (of course) shounen-ai and yaoi. You have been warned.

They didn't often think about it, but the Egyptians knew in their hearts that they were the source. Rather, Zork was the source, but they were the first of the netjer kem and therefore the source of all the defective vampires that walked the earth.

Not all of the later vampires were defective, so to say; only those whose blood was an uneven mixture of Zork's influence and the lost humanity were considered defects and no true netjer kem. The ones made early on, shortly after they were infected, were nearly perfect: the fair Greek youth Kadmus whom the younger of the Elders had demanded they keep with them (and their first experiment on whether they could pass along the infection) and the priest Shaada who they chose to protect Their Treasures.

No, only Bakura and Malik were Perfect, the purest netjer kem, and their eldest children were as close to perfection as the later generations would ever get.

Until Domino City.

netjer - god
kem - black