Thursday, May 31, 2007

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The second chapter of Changes is now available.

You will also notice that the sidebar has been retooled. Changes has moved to the top as our most frequently updated story. All links to Endless Loop and the Yu-Gi-Oh Slash Novella Challenges have been removed. There is also no longer a link to the Dorkier Side Blog; it has been taken down completely.

Hope to see everyone again with more updates soon!

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Sunday, April 1, 2007
New story

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So, yeah, we're horrible, horrible slackers when it comes to getting everything finished around here. We're also terrible, terrible liars. Instead of picking up Supernatural, at least for now, we've added something that's a complete 180° from everything else we've been writing: Doctor Who. Yes, Doctor Who. The overall series arc is called "Changes", and there will be at least 24 stories for it.

With "Changes", Katsuko and I are giving ourselves a few challenges: each section must be no less than 1500 words and the pairing we claimed was a rather unusual one (The Tenth Doctor/Captain Jack Harkness/Rose Tyler). It was only after we started writing that it occurred to us that there is actually one more challenge there that we didn't intend: the rules for 24H_T states that the time from the prompt must be mentioned in the story and telling time in the TARDIS is... interesting.

So, wish us the best of luck -- since we're already about 150 words in to the first story.

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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

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Just a little update here. I really wish I had more to say, but there isn't a lot to say. This is where DotM stories start diverging.

Up until now, all the DotM stories have been Yuugiou-based. That is soon to change. We're taking up a new fandom: Supernatural. No promises on when the stories will be up, but there will be a new story at least every 6 weeks.

At this time, we are planning on continuing some or most of the YGO stories, notably "Blind Eyes".

Also, you may have noticed the new layout. Also, this updates section has moved to Blogger. Much easier to update -- Yay!

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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

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A few small updates on the site here and there. "Souvenirs" now has the correct information as far as story titles go. A new story was added to the listing: "Memento Mori", but no content is available for it yet. Both "Souvenirs" and "Memento Mori" will most likely be the DotM stories for the 2007 Yuugiou Slash Novella Challenge. We're also planning individual entries for it so bear with us.

We're hoping for updates on the other DotM stories soon, but again, bear with us.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

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Not a lot to report on the site, except... "Aquarius" Section 1 is finally linked from this page. I've also been doing a bit of work on the DotM blog, trying to make sure all the archive links work -- which they all do now!! And there is now also finally a button to use to link to the site... so please do! Share the love!

However, where stories come in is another matter. Despite the three ongoing bits of our insanity, DotM has decided to try to enter the 2006 Yuugiou Slash Novella Challenge as a team as well as separately. Given the rules of the contest, there's not a lot I can tell, but expect Bakura/Kaiba and Jyonouchi/Ryou -- and, oddly, het. I'm thinking the title will likely be "Souvenirs", with three parts: "Third Chance", "Red is a Slow Color", and "Almost a Dance".

The DotM novella takes second priority to our two individual novellas, though, so if it's not finished by 15 December 2006 (the challenge deadline), then it'll just start being updated directly to the website here.

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

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Nothing really to report site-wise, but I wanted to check in and let our readers know that we haven't abandoned these stories. Both Katsuko and I are involved in the Yuugiou Slash Novella Challenge 2006, and we haven't been able to write on our 'for fun' stories as much. The challenge deadline is 15 December, so after that we'll start to work getting more available for everyone to read. Please bear with us till then!

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Sunday, October 1, 2006

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I got bored in the middle of the work day and changed out the layout on the DotM blog. It's not a huge change, but I'm rather proud of accomplishing it in only a few hours, doing all the coding with Notepad.

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